Top Ten Thursday – 7/20/17

Top Ten Thursday – 7/20/17

Top Ten Coming Celebrity Scandals

10.  Sia’s Face Is Photographed.

9.  Steven Segal Becomes The Next Dali Lama.

8. Dennis Rodman Divorces Himself.

7. Marilyn Manson Performs At Charles Manson’s Funeral.

6.  Kid Rock Announces He Has Hep P.

5. Jay-Z Reveals He’s Never Had Lemonade.

4. Dennis Rodman Marries Kim Jong Un.

3. Kayne West Moves To Japan And Becomes Kanye Far East Movement.

2. Rick Ross Starts A Cult.

1. The Sprint/Verizon Guy Is Revealed To Be Jared Fogle’s Cousin.

James D Creviston

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