Wit Wednesday – 6/21/17

Wit Wednesday – 6/21/17

I know you see it all over social media, I know sometimes it may not even fit what people attach it to but I wanted to say I am #BLESSED.  Why do i say that? Well at the beginning of June I lost my job of 4 years. I was devastated and I was scared. However that fear turned into a blessing, well a few blessings.

First, it made me look at myself and figure out, who I , James Creviston want to be. Well i want to be my own boss. I want to build an empire and I want to take care of my family. I am dedicated to moving forward on this plan and working to build a business of my own.

Second, I was low on funds and a friend reached out and offered me a gig as a PA. If you know anything about being a Production Assistant (PA) it is a hard and sometimes thankless job. I am grateful for it and the connections it has brought me.

Third, I am opening for my friend and honestly a mentor of mine in July! This is huge for me as I get to work in a theater and help my friend move forward in his career.

I am #Blessed! Thank you all for your support and more to come!

James D Creviston

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