Monday Morning Nitro – June 19, 2017

Monday Morning Nitro – June 19, 2017

Okay I don’t know how many of you watched Money In The Bank but if not leave now and don’t read or watch this.

I am so mad about the outcomes. WTH!? WWE? I cannot believe that they had Carmella use James Elsworth to get the briefcase. I think that was one gamble they should not have taken. I understand the Jinder and Baron Corbin pushes but making such a historic match as the women match end with a MAN (if you want to call Elsworth that, I prefer rat faced fink), retrieving the briefcase and handing it to a woman seems like a slap in the face to not only the women’s division but women everywhere.

They should have had her win it in the right way maybe even with help from Elsworth OUTSIDE the ring but she should have grabbed the briefcase. Sorry WWE but this writing has to be changed. If you want any help, let me know.

James  D Creviston

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