Feedback Friday – 5/19/17

Feedback Friday – 5/19/17

Well it took me three weeks to put this out in the universe. WTH Robert Kirkman! In case you are a Walking Dead fan, and you have not read issue 167 or know what happens if you don’t want to know come back Monday. If not read ahead.

If you are a Walking Dead fan (TV show only) this will not come as a supervise to you as Andrea died in end of Season 3. While it was heartbreaking it was an expected event. Her character had not developed like the one n the comics and thus she was not a fan favorite. The best part about here death in the show was that you did not have to feel like she was a traitor anymore.

That being said, dang you Robert Kirkman! How could you? Rick and Carl were happy, things were going well, yes the “other Saviors” were attacking i and everyone might be at war again but there was some semblance of a home. Her death here was one of the best Kirkman has written and I actually cried as I read it. (Again Dang you Robert Kirkman). I was both humbled and happy with the way it was written. RIP Andrea. You will be missed.

If you have not read The Walking Dead comics, you are missing out. Pick up the back issues read them and see the world in a new way.

James D Creviston

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