Top Ten Thursday – 5/18/17

Top Ten Thursday – 5/18/17

The Top Ten Things That Can Ruin Your Airplane Experience

10. Double Book Your Seat, So Someone Sits On Your Lap.

9. Middle Seat Between Two Sweaty Guys.

8. Your First Class Seat Is Downgraded To 1st Row Next To The Lavatory.

7. The Guy In Front Of You Has Had Too Much To Drink And Thinks He Knows MMA.

6.  Your Flight Attendant Quits Mid Flight.

5. You Have To Pee In A Cup  During Your Flight.

4. You Wore Leggings.

3. You Went Cheap And Flew Spirit Air.

2. You Have To Fly Your Prize Animal Somewhere.

1. Your Name Is David Dao And You Fly United.

James D Creviston

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