Feedback Friday – 4/14/17

Feedback Friday – 4/14/17

If you did not watch last weeks Saturday Night Live, you missed out. Besides having Louis CK host once again two things stood out to me. One, Louis CK can make anything funny. If you haven’t seen his new special on Netflix 2017 you are missing out. If you have then you know what I mean, usually a comedian will not open with an abortion joke. If you do an abortion joke thats half an hour into an hour special or the last joke in a shorter set. Louis CK started with one and it was funny.

On Saturday Night Live during his monologue he talked about marrying a goat and it killed. If you haven’t seen it watch below.

Second, there was some debate on if Louis CK stole the clown bit from Tig Notaro. Know I am not sure they both are similar however I enjoyed the ending of the SNL skit better. Check it out and let me know what you think.

I hope you enjoyed both of these and that you will watch more SNL this weekend!

James D Creviston

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