Wit Wednesday – 3/29/17

Wit Wednesday – 3/29/17

I am going to eat crow today. When I gave a review of Dave Chappelle’s new special I said how much I enjoyed it but at that point I had only watched the first of the two. I am sad to say I did not enjoy the second special Austin City Limits Live. I felt it was below Chapelle especially  because I had previously watched Live From The Hollywood Palladium.

I am not sure if watching the Austin special first would have made me enjoy it more and thus enjoyed the LA special even more. We will never know. I have nothing but respect for Chappelle and anyone who is hating on him for his jokes about LGBTQ or transgender people obviously missed the rest of that special where he makes fun of everyone else in America as well.

I have no problem with his jokes, i just felt like Austin was his B material and for any other comedian that would have been A material but for Chapelle, I expect a lot. Kinda like we all did of Cosby.

James D Creviston

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