Top Ten Thursday – 3/23/17

Top Ten Thursday – 3/23/17

The Top Ten New Trump Executive Orders

10. Executive Order Mandating Rosie O’Donnell Attend Fat Camp.

9. Executive Order Making  Orange The New Black.

8. Executive Order Naming Hawaii A Domestic Enemy.

7. Executive Order Renaming Chicago To Murder Town.

6. Executive Order Renaming Presidents Day To Putin’s Day.

5. Executive Order Authorizing Soviet Bloc Women Immediate Citizenship.

4. Executive Order Allowing Women The Right To Vote, With Husbands Permission.

3. Executive Order Mandating That Sesame Street Add Billionaire For “Diversity”

2. Executive Order Changing Air Force One Blue To Chester Cheeto Orange.

1. Executive Order Allowing  Kellyanne Conway To Sit Anywhere And However She Pleases.

James D Creviston

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