Feedback Friday – 2/24/17

Feedback Friday – 2/24/17

I had a lot of positive feedback from posting my Brooklyn Nine-Nine spec script so thank you all. Feel free to read it and critique. I will only get better with real feedback. Along that same vain i am going to post a script for 200 AD’s Future Shocks submission.  What is Future Shocks? Well here you go:

Future Shocks

Future Shocks are self-contained, four page science-fiction short stories with a twist ending. That means you only have four pages to establish your situation and protagonist, develop the situation through dramatic conflict, and then resolve it with an unexpected twist ending.

“Dramatic conflict” doesn’t just mean obvious, battling-the-bad-guys conflict. It can be internal or emotional, wrestling with inner doubts or demons. But remember, all drama comes from conflict – so if there’s no conflict in your story, there’s no drama.

As for the twist ending, the real trick is to come up with an ending which a) isn’t wholly predictable, and b) has a point. A degree of dramatic irony generally works wonders here, and is what separates a real story from (as Homer Simpson would put it), “just a bunch of stuff that happens”.

So with all that in mind I am attaching my four page submission. Please read and feel free to comment.

James D Creviston

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