Feedback Friday – 2/17/17

Feedback Friday – 2/17/17

If you have read my blog at all you know that writing has been a big part of 2017. I am working on a full length feature screenplay which should be done in March. I have finished a short comic script for submission to 2000 AD’s Future Shock. I may post that in a future post.

However, today I wanted to share my “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” spec script. If you have not seen “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” it is a must watch. It is one of my favorite shows and while I know you should never write a spec script for a show you would want to write on this is one of two comedy spec scripts I plan to write this year. My next spec script is for CW’s “The Flash”. I love both comedy and drama so I wanted to test myself to write a drama next. Comedy does come more natural to me, however I have an idea for a “Dramedy” so cutting my teeth on both seemed like a natural place to start. I also have a comic book idea that is a good combination of buddy cop and superhero dystopia so writing “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “The Flash” will help me to write that story when the time comes.

Below you will find my spec script. Any feedback is good to have  so feel free to leave a comment.

James D Creviston

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