Feedback Friday – 1/27/17

Feedback Friday – 1/27/17

I really thought about writing about whats going on in America this month but I think I’ll save that for another day.

Instead I want to talk about how blessed I feel. This year has been great for me so fa. I have been able to work with great comedians, talk with my comedy heroes and last night do a show at The World Famous Comedy Store. That show was Crack Em Up Comedy Show in The Belly Room.

Last night I was able to see Joe Rogan walk into The Store. Kevin Nealon perform all new material. Jeff Ross, Doug Benson, and Jeremiah Watkins hang out on the patio. Jeremiah is on elf the coolest people and makes me wish I never gave up playing the saxophone, I told him as much as well.

I was able to have a nice conversation with Tom Papa and then later that night with Clayton English. I was able to relive my MTV childhood while hanging out with Teck Holmes (Real World:Hawaii).

If last night was my last night doing comedy it would have been worth every second I have spent since September 2015.  I saw legends and legends in the making. The walls of The Comedy Store are testament to the comedy giants who have roamed those halls.

I love comedy, I love how it has improved my life. I am grateful for those who inspire me and I was even invited back to do the Crack Em Up show again. So i will be back to The Store and I will listen, watch and learn so that one day my picture can be on the wall and i can inspire others to follow their dreams. Have a great weekend!

James D Creviston


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