Wit Wednesday – 1/25/17

Wit Wednesday – 1/25/17

I have been using 2017 to work on new goals. One of my goals is to write a screenplay. I have been writing everyday (except Sunday) and worked had to write something I am proud of. I am not done but i thought i would share with you a few things that helped me.

If you ever wanted to write a screenplay and never have I have three books you should read.

  1. Save The Cat by Blake Snyder. It is considered one of the best books for understand story format.
  2. Story by Robert McKee. If STC is one of the best books Story is the bible of screenplay story work.
  3. Writing Movies For Fun and Profit by Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant. You may know them from Reno 911! but Thomas and Robert are funny guys and make understanding the screenplay writing business fun.

I also recommend checking out Screencraft.com, Scriptnotes Podcast, and Fade In screenplay software. I have been having a greta time writing and although it is not easy it has helped me become a better writer across the board.  Good luck on your 2017 resolutions!

James D Creviston

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