Feedback Friday – 12/30/16

Feedback Friday – 12/30/16


I have not had this blog even a year. I have had a comedy career for about 15 months and have even been paid so I guess that makes me a professional comedian?! Either way this blog has been helpful in getting my creative juices flowing, sharing with you some funny aspects of my life and also a way to share who i am and what I love with you. For everyone who has read this blog, thank you. If you are new to the blog, thank you. If you are my wife or grnadma, Thank you.

I am looking forward to the next year. I have shows booked alreayd and I am building up for a new 1 hour set! I only have about 30 minutes but I know that by the end of next year i can have a full hour set. I write jokes daily, I read daily , and I listen to comedy daily. I want to be a comedian, a writer, and and entertainer. I am working so that 2017 leads to some breaks in the future. I have a 5 year plan for comedy and to be honest I am about a year to two ahead of schedule, so even if 2017 is a flop I know that I can make it up the next year. This does not mean that i will be resting in 2017, in fact the opposite.

I have a new Macbook Air coming and Final Draft loaded to it. I have a new podcast as well as an old one to revive. I have The Clean Comedy Hour Show booked through April. I am hitting 2017 with the force of a hurricane and you will see me in new places doing new things.

I hope that I inspire you to work hard in 2017. See you in 2017!

James D Creviston


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