Monday Morning Comebacks – December 26, 2016

Monday Morning Comebacks – December 26, 2016

This is the last Monday post of 2016! I wanted to share with you posts that did well this year and share them with you once again.

Suprisingly one was from my amazing trip to NYC this year where I was able to perform at two comedy clubs and take the NBC studios tour. That link is here:…eptember-19-2016/

The second best post I had was a great post about Thanksgiving. It’s a Top Ten and one of my favorite posts. I feel like my writing gets better over time and I promise to work harder in 2017.  Here is that post link:

And the 3rd best post I had was suprising to me becuase I wrote it leading up to the election and had some great interaction with one of my comedy heros and legends, Miss Roseanne Barr! The link to that article is here:

I want to thank you for taking time to read my blog. I do put alot of time into it, and I will be making it better in 2017. For now it will stay as plain as it is but I will be updating the site at some point in the future. I also want to layout what to expect of the blog  in 2017.

Monday: Monday Morning Comebacks – News you might have missed this weekend with my comedic view point. This could be one article or a monologue style posting.

Tuesday:  Top Pod Tuesday – It will be the release point for You Already Know and The Clean Comedy Podcast.

Wednesday: Whit Wednesday – Random writings, it can be ANYTHING! It can be videos, writing, other blogs posts or ANYTHING!

Thursday: Top Ten Thursday – In the style of David Letterman I bring you my Top Ten Lists

Friday: Feedback Friday – Feedback over the week, ideas, stories or even throwbacks to old blog posts. 

James D Creviston

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