Thirsty Thursday – 12/22/16

Thirsty Thursday – 12/22/16


If you read this blog often (does anyone read this?), well if you do then you know some things will be changing in 2017. Tuesday will becomed Top Pod Tuesday contain the newest episodes of You Already Know and The Clean Comedy Podcast. Thursday will become Top Ten Thursday. So, since we are coming up on 2017 I want to make sure that Thirsty Thursday goes out with a BANG! I am sure many of you are familiar with comedy, if you read this blog I hope that if you were not before you are now, then you will know that I watch ALOT of comedy!

Lately I have been watching a very funny comedian by the name of Gary Owen. Gary Owen was the first white host of BET Comicview and the first white guy to have a regular show on BET.  You may or may not know this about me but I did not grow up in a white neighborhood, in fact most of my friends growing up were not white. I used to dress like a rapper and talked like one for a long time. I got made fun of quite a bit when I moved from my old neighborhood to the suburbs onf Las Vegas. At my core I am still from the hood and sometimes it comes out. I am proud of where I grew up becuse i have seen alot of things that anyone from the suburbs may not have seen and i appreciate the culture I was able to be a part of. In fact I love it so much that two of my favorite foods are chicken wings and sweet potato pie.

So i want to share Gary Owne with you. He is not a clean comedian so if cursing offends you I would say avoid it but if you can stand some cursing for the sake of laughter have at it!

James D Creviston


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