Wednesday Wisdom – 12/21/16

Wednesday Wisdom – 12/21/16


This week we are going into the vault for a Way Back Wednesday Wisdom. Everyone has different reasons for wanting to be a comedian. When i wrote this I thought I knew. It’s been over a year at this comedy game and I have learned alot. I am dedicated to more mics, spots, writing and work in 2017 so by 2018 I will be in a spot I want to be.

With out furhter ado, here is a way back post. Enjoy!

Why I Became A Comedian

Being a comedian is a wonderful thing, but everyone always says the same thing. “I could never get up and do that.” or “What made you want to do stand up?”
I think most comedians get these statements regularly. So I thought I would dedicate one post to answering that question.

I have always been a funny kid. I had a rough childhood and my grandmother always told me, “If you can just laugh, you can get through anything.” I used humor to get through poverty, abuse, and hard living. I was a small kind so I usually got bullied. Now when I say bullied I mean called names, pushed around and occasionally hit or kicked. I learned at an early age that bullies did not like getting talked back to. My comebacks were usually in the form of “Yo Mama”. If you are not familiar with “Yo Mama” they were lines about someones mom that started with something like, “Yo Mama is so fat, when she wears red everyone yells ‘Hey Kool-Aid’.” Not a great joke but it gets the point across.

So my childhood facilitated the need to be funny and keep a sense of humor. I was also easily bored in class and used the time I should have been studying to make kids in my class laugh. Unfortunately, that lead to many trips to the principal, spankings at home and one year wearing a dunce cap while sitting in the corner.

I love making people laugh and every year of my life people told me to be a comedian. It wasn’t until recently that I took their advice. Something about approaching 35 makes you look at your life and work on a bucket list.

That’s it really. I knew I should have started sooner, but better late than never. Stayed tuned for more posts and more jokes!

James D Creviston

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