Monday Morning Comebacks – November 28, 2016

Monday Morning Comebacks – November 28, 2016


Hey everyone hope you had a great Turkey Day, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Sleep In Sunday, and Cyber Monday! Wow, that was alot of things.

If you are like me you are back to work (yes I have a real job, as I am not a famous comedian, YET!). I was happy to be back to the grind and get back to the office. I love being in an office as it is great feedback and great conversation.

Everyone had a different favorite meal for Thanksgiving and a different thing to be thankful for. My favorite food is Sweet Potato Pie. Being from the south and the ‘hood makes it one of my top ten favorite foods. In fact this weeks Top Ten will be my Top Ten Favorite Foods.

I have two great shows next week so if you are in the LA Area you have two chances to see these great shows! Come out if you can and support clean comedy!


James D Creviston

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