Monday Morning Comebacks – November 21, 2016

Monday Morning Comebacks – November 21, 2016


Well the weekend always provids plenty of information for the following week and this weekend did not disappoint. I learned alot and have to say that I am divided on how I should feel or act. Here is why, since the election the people that I thought were the most open minded have turned into vile venom and hate spewing people. They cannot stand Trump or his supporters they want them to die and they want to seperate California from the rest of the United States.

How did this happen? These are the same people that told me about inclusion, and togetherness. That told me that until we all listen to each other nothing will get better. I believed it, until now. I fell like maybe that was ra-ra bull that they were selling everyone (including themselves) while they built up hate towards anyone who disagreed.

If you don’t know about me and think that I am some sheltered white guy behind the keyboard let me set you straight. I grew up poor, on welfare, in the hood. I was the only white kid in my neighborhood (except my half-brother, yeah we’re that kind of people). My mom was never home, I hustled the streets with gang bangers and drug dealers. I learned to fight, run and talk smack. I did not see color, I only saw circumstances. I wanted to be rich, not because I wanted to be a rich white guy, but so that I could lift up my brothers in the hood. They pushed me, they made me better. I wanted to return the favor.

I am new to the suburbs. I am new to an all white neighborhood, and I wonder sometimes if they know I don’t belong. I am smart, that much I do know. I have a B.A. and not just one, but two Master’s degrees, one of which is in Business Administration. I don’t say that to brag, but because I had a single goal in life, be somebody and get mine. The most true album title, is by 50 Cent, “Get Rich or Die Tryin'”. Thats all we are all trying to do. So don’t put others down for how they go about it, unless it harms others, then set them straight. Let’s work together and stop seperating groups by color and sexuality. We are humans, we are children, we are brothers and sisters, we are Americans. Let’s be united.

James D Creviston

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