Monday Morning Comebacks – October 24, 2016

Monday Morning Comebacks – October 24, 2016


Thank you for coming back this morning. It is Monday. No one is ever excited for it.

Every week I try to share something new I learned or thought of this week. This week I decide that this November I would go back to work on my Late Night TV packet. I want to work in Late Night TV and with November being National Novel Writing Month, I thought I would work on something just as hard as a novel.

Late Night TV is full of the funniest and smartest writers on TV. Making it into Late Night TV is like making it to the major leagues of any sport. I want to be a comedian and not just on stage but on TV, Film and print. This is my step. By this time next year I will have written my packet again and at least two  movie scripts. I will be starting back up my podcast in January and hosting two shows a month. Keep an eyes out for new stuff from me!

If you have never heard how hard it is to break into Late Night TV writing, then check out this video.

James D Creviston

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