Wednesday Wisdom – 7/27/16

Wednesday Wisdom – 7/27/16


I love to learn. It is one of my favorite things in the world. And in the stand up comedy game if you don’t learn and grow you will never move to the next level. I have read so many books about the business side of comedy but none have helped more than Rob Durham titled “Don’t Wear Shorts On Stage”. This one book has helped me go from open mic to showcase, including emcee and producing my show within the first year of stand up. Rob is a funny guy. Here is the proof.

If you know anything about me I am not in no where middle America. I am in Los Angeles. I have done shows with Emily Heller, Matthew Broussard, Sean G, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Jimmy Brogan and Dennis Regan. I have the chance to work with many comedians because of Rob’s book. Will everyone who reads his book be able to move as fast, I would say no. But you are your only limitation. Read “Don’t Wear Shorts On Stage” by Rob Durham and buy it at

James D Creviston

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