What To Expect From This Blog In The Future

What To Expect From This Blog In The Future



This is my blog and I want it to be my vehicle to connect with family, friends, and fans. So here is what will happen weekly on this blog.

Monday: Monday Morning Comebacks – News you might have missed this weekend with my comedic view point. This could be one article or a monologue style posting, it might even be a video or audio track, it is anyone’s guess as to what the future holds.

Tuesday:  Top Ten Tuesday – In the style of David Letterman I bring you my Top Ten Lists. This may be in many forms including, but not limited to picture, video, list, or who knows!

Wednesday: Wednesday Wisdom –  Random things, it can be ANYTHING! This will be writings, musings, reviews, opinions or literally ANYTHING! I will also respond to comments and questions once a week. It will just be a post called Random Thoughts which may be the Wednesday post or an addendum to the Wednesday Wisdom.

Thursday: Thirsty Thursday – I love drinks and I love comedy (duh) so on Thursday I will give you something funny to #quench your comedy thirst. You’re Welcome. (Thanks to Jenna Kim Jones and HashTagAl for that phrase.)

Friday: Follow Friday – People you should follow on Twitter and why. It might be one or it might be a million (just kidding, you can’t follow a million people). It will be someone that I enjoy and I hope you enjoy too. And maybe it might be a reader of this blog, say what?!

The future will open up new projects including a podcast, web series, and maybe even a weekly live show. So stay tuned and lets take this amazing journey together, becuase if we learned anything from Homeward Bound, it’s the group that make adventures better.

James D Creviston

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