How Conan O’Brien Inspired Me

How Conan O’Brien Inspired Me


A lot of people have heroes or people they look to for inspiration. First and foremost I am inspired by my faith and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In life though there are other people who inspire you. My journey in comedy has been a lifetime in the making but at 34 I decided to make it my goal to get paid to do comedy, rather that is writing, performing, or hosting. So if you want to do all those thing you have to look at someone who has done it all. And that person for me is Conan O’Brien.

He started his career at SNL where he wrote and performed in sketches, did improv, wrote for the longest running television sitcom, animated series and scripted show EVER. Then he went on the host Late Night with Conan O’Brien and  late The Tonight Show. It was an amazing achievement and after that needed he went on a stand up tour until he came back to television on TBS hosting the late night show Conan. He is one of the few late night hosts that have comedians perform nightly on their show.

Conan O’Brien has done it all from the bottom to the top and everything in between. A writer, performer, host and cultural icon. I see his path as one that I can learn and grow from.  If Conan reads this, please follow me on Twitter or read this blog daily and then maybe hire me?

Watch Conan here or on TBS every Monday thru Thursday.

James D Creviston

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